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Vendors' Advantages

insurlease puts the best in customer financing options at your fingertips!

In the past, only large manufacturers and distributors were able to offer their customer’s financing. Today, by partnering with insurlease, any size manufacturer or distributor can offer their customers the convenience and affordability of their own finance program.

Best of all, by offering a financing solution tailored to your customer’s equipment and budget needs, you can close more business faster and at higher margins. A customized, branded finance program is a proven sales tool in today’s marketplace.

insurlease provides manufacturers and distributors with all the benefits of a “captive” finance company without the administrative burdens or finance risk. You gain a simple, but essential sales tool and a competitive advantage to help increase your sales and build customer loyalty.

insurlease provides you with:

  • A customized finance program tailored to your strategic objectives and your customers’ needs
  • Direct links to your web page for online financing
  • A private-label program branded with your company’s name and logo
  • Personalized lease applications
  • A "financial engineer" to help close more sales
  • Training for your sales team
  • Trade Show support and/or attendance
  • Online quoting and application tools that plug into to your web site
  • Fast processing and funding of transactions
  • Broad credit reach to serve all of your different customers
  • Operating Leases with terms as short as 6 months
If you would like to learn more about becoming at partner, discuss a customized financing program for your company, or to discuss a particular transaction, please complete a vendor information form and fax it to us at (800) 481-0865. [Other contact information]

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