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Web-based Sales

insurlease makes it possible for you to direct customers from your site directly to our online application.

Your logo, company colors, and contact information will appear on the application, reassuring users that they are at the correct page and ensuring that you receive proper referral credit.

When a referred user submits an application, you will also receive an automatic e-mail notification.

It's easy to join our web-based sales program. Simply send us the following:

  • Basic company information
    Name, Address, Phone, Fax, and e-mail address for contacting you when an application is submitted
  • Company logo
    GIFs or JPEGs only, 600 x 200 pixels maximum, please
  • Preferred primary and secondary colors
    You don't have to be specific. You can say, "Use the blue and red from our logo." If you know the hexidecimal notation for the color, send us that.
  • Referral name identifier
    What you want your company's name to be in the www.insurlease.net link

    Very Large Corporation, Inc refers customers to insurlease.

    A possible name would be: very_large (no spaces)

    The link to insurlease would be:

Join our web-based sales referral program

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Contact Name *
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